February 3 2020 tarot reading

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Start new projects with new people in new places. You have to tussle and elbow your way in to get what you want sometimes, and this month is no exception there. Home improvements your favourite theme are on your mind and you feel you deserve an upgrade of some kind again, another favourite theme.

Some people don't agree with this assessment and it's your job this February to persuade, cajole, rationalise and bulldoze them around to your way of thinking. Do you accept your mission? A close relationship is worrying you, and you're keeping these anxieties very close to your chest your Twin Self may not even really know about it all Please just talk it through with the person in question. There's nothing to fear, this isn't "the end", it's just a junction, a crossroads and a chance to learn more about each other and reconnect. You do tend to hype things up in your own mind I know, I'm a Gemmy too.

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  8. Get it all out, and get it in proportion. No worries. A little life lesson i. You've been through this kind of shit before, and you know how to handle it. So, anyone who thinks they can get the better of you, or is competing with you on something better watch out. You've got the edge over others because of what you've already been through, and they have underestimated you. Use it to your advantage my friend.

    Although you usually think that flattery and cajoling get you more places, faster, than home truths and assertion Take charge and speak your mind, make them listen, say it how it really is without any sugar. Be prepared to hear some truth back; dialogue is never one-way, alas. And take some time to absorb and reflect on what you hear.

    Then, take the lead once again in putting forward what you could do about things. You're going to come out of this well, as long as you take control. Are you hankering to start some kind of course, higher learning, retraining or a new field of study? Please do because this month's cards are all well starred in that direction.

    Education is key.


    What you decide to learn now could stand you in good stead and grow into something rewarding and prosperous over time, I promise! Where do your passions and interests lie? What would you love to be able to do? Whatever you seek is possible, Virgo, and you're clever and adaptable enough to turn your hand to anything! There's a home truth awaiting you this February, Librans, and I think it's related to taking too much on, biting off more than you can chew and over-burdening yourself. Less is more. Give yourself some wiggle room and everything will come so much easier and feel more natural.

    To get into a "flow" you need space and time, and you've denied yourself that. Rebalance and reap the rewards. Scorpio you're a hot potato this month, and I sense there's the energy of a love triangle around Two suitors competing for your attentions and loyalty, what a delightful scenario to find oneself at the centre of. Enjoy the flattery but don't play these two lovelorn people for too long, or you'll lose both their affections AND incur the wrath of Lady Karma Something you've long suspected was starting to smoulder actually bursts into flame this month and burns to the ground not literally.

    You were right about this issue, although that's no comfort as this event leaves you feeling a little shaken and stirred. Onwards Sagittarius! All that was lost is that which was fading, false or negative anyway, leaving a space to rebuild on firmer foundations with real conviction. No regrets and eyes to the future, it's bright! There's going to be an opportunity, this February, to make the first step in a long but lucrative journey towards a real dream or lifelong ambition of yours. Excellent news!

    The only concern is that you don't view it like that when the offer or invitation arises, and spend so long pondering over it that the window closes or the ship passes by. Don't let that happen. If in doubt this month, say YES.

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