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Why don't you stop worrying and join them? Of course, if you're simply more comfortable focusing on your responsibilities, use your extra energy to get everything in order.


Just don't judge anyone else for wanting to be out having fun. You're filled with energy and in a great mood today, and it's a great time to gather together with friends.


You may even meet some new, interesting people when you're out and about. Seek out new experiences, like enjoying exotic cuisine or an exhibit of work by an artist you aren't familiar with. The focus today is on celebrating new experiences, and you're more than happy to follow that trend. Being a perfectionist at heart, you're probably running around today like the proverbial headless chicken, trying to get every little detail right in whatever you're working on. But there's no need to drive yourself crazy.

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Life isn't supposed to be this hectic. Try focusing on your family and friends instead of on some idea of perfection that probably doesn't matter to anyone but you. Enjoy yourself, Virgo. You deserve it. You're in a wonderful mood, because your energy is high and you're warm hearted and friendly. This is the perfect mindset for sharing extra affection with your loved ones.

You're creating good feelings all around, simply by being kind.

Your Daily Horoscope for Saturday, July 13

Give everyone your warmest smile today. You're sure to lift their spirits. Whatever you're up to today, try to function as part of a team instead of imposing your ideas and expectations on everyone else. Your ideas are often good ones, but today should be about togetherness and high spirits, not bossiness or control. Here's a good way to challenge yourself: Instead of asserting your own point of view, cooperate with someone else's vision, and throw yourself into bringing it alive. Now, doesn't that feel good? How wonderful -- today marks a brand-new personal cycle for you!

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You're feeling energetic, warm hearted and optimistic, and you're most definitely in the mood for some fun. Expose yourself to as many different experiences and influences as possible, in order to broaden your vision of life. The world is in a festive mood, but that doesn't mean your work load will ease up to accommodate any gatherings you're expected to attend. In fact, work could feel like an even bigger pressure if you don't have as much time to devote to it as usual.

But this is no time to get stressed out over your many responsibilities. Make a firm, conscious decision to relax and enjoy the fun, lighthearted vibe surrounding you. You're in a warm and idealistic mood, perfect for gathering with your friends and loved ones.

Your energy is high and you aren't content with lounging on the couch at home, so this is no time to go it alone. If you attend a dinner party, the conversation promises to be lively! Since your focus is on connecting with different people, let some of your goodwill spill over onto everyone you encounter.

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No matter how far you've already worked through your to-do list, today could be nerve-racking. You might even feel more and more frazzled as the day wears on, because you're trying so hard to chase down details that seem determined to elude your grasp. While the conservative British newspaper the Daily Telegraph demanded the resignation of the Northern Ireland Secretary Mo Mowlam, on the grounds that she was "responsible for both these things," Irish newspapers generally backed her up.

The Irish Times , in fact, sounded like a loyalist British newspaper when it demanded greater security at the Maze "if the government--any government--loses control of the prisons, it has lost everything" and insisted that the British-generated peace process "may have to adjust to the wind, but The great massacre of chickens in Hong Kong took place after an improvement in chicken sales from 10 percent to about 50 percent of normal since the "avian flu" crisis began, according to the South China Morning Post.

Only one Hong Kong family was identified as having eaten chicken for the traditional Chinese "winter solstice" celebration Dec.

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According to the same newspaper, Malaysian crime syndicates have been ripping off chicken-deprived Hong Kong gourmets by passing off cheap fish as the highly prized red arowana. Common forms of yellow, green, and silver arowana were made to appear like red arowana by being treated with hormones imported from Singapore; the fish were then smuggled into Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Another food crisis was reported from Australia, where the Sydney Morning Herald reported that an estimated out of 30, flocks of sheep in New South Wales were infected with OJD Ovine Johnes disease , a wasting disorder similar to leprosy in humans. The crisis had been made worse by a dispute over compensation payments that had caused most sheep farmers in NSW to refuse to allow their flocks to be tested for the disease.

I n South Africa, which recently banned Hong Kong chickens, the Johannesburg Star reported that a woman had been " trampled and kicked " to death by an ostrich at a farm near Cape Town while her husband, already badly injured by the same bird, lay helplessly by "for hours" on a dirt road. The opposition Zambian newspaper, the Post , which bills itself as "Zambia's Leading Independent Newspaper," published a long and lively editorial condemning the arrest of Kaunda as "a national and international disgrace" and "a lasting shame which renders the entire Government of the Republic of Zambia utterly ludicrous.

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