Piscess most compatible signs

The trouble for you is distinguishing fantasy from reality because you have a special gift for becoming whatever your partner most wants to see or experience. You also give eerily accurate life advice. You usually keep to yourself in social settings but not because you dislike them. In fact, you like to people-watch, letting the interactions between others fuel your inspiration for new artistic projects. You share your appreciation for the world with your little ones, teaching them the value of recycling and cultural diversity at a very young age.

Stick to it! MyDomaine uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using MyDomaine, you accept our. Wellness Self-Care. Most compatible signs for love: Cancer and Scorpio. Most compatible signs for friendship: Taurus and Capricorn. Pisces is an extremely intuitive sign, known to have strong precognitive powers. They often have psychic visions, especially during sleep while dreaming. If a Pisces tells you that they sense something is about to happen it is a good idea to listen.

Pisceans need positive emotional direction, often through creative expression.

Anything creative is a great outlet for their extremely high emotional levels. If Pisces can successfully channel their emotions in a constructive way, other finer qualities, notably charity and humility, will surface. A darker side of Pisces is their high susceptibility to drug and alcohol dependencies and addiction. Pisces has a tendency to flee from what they do not want to deal with and this can lead to a world of addictive behavior. At times they try desperately to escape from troubles ….

Pisces Compatibility Chart:

Easily drawn into unpredictable situations and unbalanced people, Pisces is vulnerable to getting taken advantage of or burned if trouble should arise. The twelfth sign of the zodiac must work hard to have inner stability and balance. They are easily led into negativity, laziness, emotional confusion and carelessness. The twelfth sign has a sensitive and deep appreciation for the inner qualities of their lover. Those born from the twelfth sign are happiest when in a loving relationship or involved in a creative project.

Eternally romantic, Pisces enjoys the wine and dine and everything in-between when in a relationship.

Every part of the Piscean nature is laced with romance. In the search for the perfect love, a Pisces can easily have several love affairs and marriages before they finally settle down … if they do at all. They may lose their heart many times to the wrong person. A Pisces likes to have a lover by their side. They do not like being alone.

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The mysterious and enchanting nature of the Pisces-born is much like an aphrodisiac … attractive and magnetic. Pisceans live in a world of dreams and romance.

Pisces Love Compatibility: Pisces Sign Compatibility Guide!

One way to win the heart of a Pisces is to appeal to their romantic nature. Take them out to the ballet, theatre or an older classic film. Never fall short in the romance department … it is important to them. Often a Pisces will apologize unnecessarily for themselves in the company of a loved one, as they are inclined to underestimate their charms. If this Piscean tendency bothers you, let them know.

The complicated Pisces is not always straight forward in communication.

Pisces Compatibility - Zodiac Sign Astrology

Their psychic vision sees through the real motives of others. A Pisces woman needs to feel needed, often finding herself attracted to emotionally handicapped men who she can mother and envelop with compassionate care. The Piscean woman also falls in love with the opposite kind of man, one who is strong, protecting, supportive and capable of cherishing her and giving her firm direction. A Pisces woman will change herself to fit the image that her partner wants.

A Pisces man can be extremely difficult to get to commit. He will often desire to be with one woman, yet conflicting desires make it difficult to find what he is looking for. He may prefer secret affairs and married women early on in his life. Piscean men have an instinct for choosing the wrong woman. Often times the right one chooses him, however.

If he ever does settle down, he will need a woman who is grounding, to help keep him balanced. Once he commits himself he will do almost anything for the woman he cares about. Pisceans must be careful in their approach to emotional relationships.

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They may find it difficult to cope with the practical aspects of a relationship, especially when married. They can sometimes be overly critical about trivial details when it comes to their partner. The Pisces-born are extremely loving individuals with great capacity for a close emotionally intimate relationship with their partner. Soulful and compassionate Pisces makes a great lover.

The Ideal Best Friend For Each Zodiac Sign

They often will follow their heart without question. Often Pisces will regret getting involved in a relationship years later, after the rose-colored glasses that they wear throughout life begin to lose their ability to focus. When they see their relationship without the glasses, the raw truth … they often feel as though they have made a mistake. Pisces has a penchant for picking the wrong companions and a tendency to flee from what they do not want to deal with. They are prone to alcohol and drug dependency and addiction problems. Pisces love to help and assist their partner in any way that they can.

They are sacrificial to the point of neglecting their own needs and will bend over backwards for their lover … as long as they feel safe and secure emotionally in the relationship. They have a tender and sympathetic understanding for anything and anyone hurting, especially their partner. The adventurous spirit of these two signs meshes well as does the philosophical and spiritual nature they both wear on their sleeves. They would very much get each other and understand how the other operates so they each feel accepted in the relationship. Sagittarius is known as the evolved soul, and like the Pisces, they are positive, gregarious, and kind.

A Sagittarius partner would support the artistic goals a Pisces often has and not try to force them into conventional ways. A Pisces and another Pisces can certainly make a good match - it could almost feel like dating yourself! There will be a strong, imaginative energy between you that inspires both to be more of yourselves instead of trying to fit into society. Pisces is a very sacrificing partner because they value love above everything else. Pisces finds a kindred spirit in the only other sign that enjoys indulgence as much as they do, which is our dear friend the Taurus.

Taurus loves to live through their senses -through food, music, and good times with friends. A Pisces and a Taurus will have a fun relationship surrounded by many friends because they both crave social affection through friendships as well. The Taurus is caring, intuitive, and loyal, making them one of the best partners for a Pisces.

These signs think differently and have a different set of life goals making it harder to see eye to eye. Their preferences regarding routines, use of time, and money could be at odds with the free-spirited Pisces, making these matches a bit rough around the edges. A Pisces is often blown around by the changing winds, and this can really ruffle the feathers of an Aries who can be a bit controlling and dominating.

Pisces Compatibility: What Is The Best Match For A Pisces?

The fire of an Aries can upset or unintentionally offend the sensitive Pisces. An Aries has a direct way of communicating that may be off-putting to the Pisces who wants to see the world through rose-colored glasses. Pisces and Aquarius can be at odds when it comes to how they use their time. Because a Pisces wants to live for now and an Aquarius wants to live for the future, there is often a disconnect when it comes to priorities.

Additionally, rebellious Aquarians can be very overwhelming and stressful for the sensitive and often quiet Piscean. That said, the humanitarian-minded Water-Bearer can be very appealing to the Fish because Aquarians do care so deeply for the world around them. If they can find respect for their different approaches to altruism, Pisces and Aquarius can find they have more in common than they think. Additionally, diplomatic Libra tends to prefer black-and-white hard lines while adaptive Pisces welcomes shades of gray.

In the communication sector, if the Fish and the Scales want to make it work, they would need to study how the other sign thinks and operates. Both of these signs have considerable intuition and can maintain deep, intimate friendships, so they could build a lively social life as a couple. This combo can have power struggles because they are both independent by nature.

Likewise, Leos would rather not slow themselves down to match the pace of the average Piscean. Finding ways to be accepting of one another would be challenging, but does offer growth for both parties.