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Newsletter keep up to date with the latest offers and information from Michele New! Receive a FREE email tarot reading when you subscribe. I always have to like, remind her to say goodbye to me, or like, be considerate of my personal space, or not interrupt me. She also puts me down a lot! The weird thing is she has mercury sextile venus, cancer and virgo respectively. I'm not sure what to do. I know I could really dig into her mercury square pluto and I have definitely sat her down and been really strong with her not always easy for me, a 7th house cancer.

ANy thoughts as to how to tackle this? I want to be friends with her but I want her to be considerate of me!!!! How does one get through to this strong Leo type?? I will tell you how Leo's have their own way. You could talk all day to one but at the end of the day The fire sign evaperates all things. I know that it sounds awful That's how the big cats work.

I guess I'll just keep contact to a minimum. Last edited by wilsontc; at PM. Another point to consider would be that usually Leos demand quite a bit of attention as do most of the fire signs , so if your friend is usually harping about her own life, then maybe it's actually attention she craves there. IMO, Leos might be dominating, do-their-own-thing people, but they do so openly, and usually don't manipulate esp behind the back , and you always know where you stand with them, which you too seem to very well do.

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Some of the most generous, helpful and honest people I know are Leos, they might be a bit loud, but I'd rather have it this way, than having somebody being sugar-sweet and mellow in my face, but manipulating things behind my back. That is the free will you have.

Right, the point you make about her not being manipulative is very true, however, she does have squares to pluto in scorpio, and everything is in the 12th house, so she can be little bit overwhelming and you might not expect to see it coming.

She definitely outwardly attempts to control the whole scene. It hurts me, to say the least. That said, she is very generous, and because everything is in the 12th house, she doesn't make a big show of it either, but very quietly and sweetly demonstrates the wonderful leonine qualities of giving and generosity. She wants to be a pediatric physicians assistant, and I think that would be great for her.

A little bit higher up than a nurse, but still service oriented like that 12th house wants her to be, and with kids of course!

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She definitely purrs sweetly. I sometimes wish if she would just take down all of her arrogance and haughtiness then I could befriend that sweet little lion cub under there. But she would never let anyone in. ANyway, here are our charts together. First one is mine on the inside, and hers is on the inside in the second. I really would love to encourage her to open up and be receptive and responsive. She also never thinks about anything deeper than surface stuff.

I don't want to pry her open but I always have this feeling that we have a lot to offer each other. Mod Quote:. Find all posts by wilsontc. It is my understanding that triples are very rare. Is she sure on her birthtime? I've asked a few times, and we actually went to her birth certificate and there it was!

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But she definitely quiet little power house. The thing that I don't understand is she sort of throws her body around, not very regal or royal like one might expect. Heeey I'm a leo with 4 planets in the sign. We're not all that bad.

My best friend right now is a Cap with 3 planets. I provide the drive and energy she needs to get her to finally do things she talks about doing, but keeps putting off due to her insecurities and I pick up her mood and make her smile when she is feeling angry or down- which is often. And she helps me keep organized, restricts me from going too far with something when I don't realize that's what I'm doing, and shows me how to do important errands the 'right' way. I'm very appreciative of it because I have no earth in my chart and it's very hard for me to restrict my energy when necessary and be efficient like she can.

In fact the reason why I'm posting alot today is because she's away and I can't seem to get myself to do the organization I'm supposed to do today. It's like she fills up my empty earth houses when she's with me and balances me out. Last edited by delilah4; at AM.

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I have 5 planets in fire signs. That is I call it my ex wife, ha! But yea 3 in Leo one in Sag. Of course I have my A.

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  7. I used hang out with a triple Leo who also had Mars in Leo as well. It was interesting, but we did talk about him most of the time. This is probably the most terrible thing about Leo types.

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    I feel like that country music star singing I guess I tell the story better As charming and warm as Leo types are they would like to talk about other things, but it ends up back to a bio conversation. Plutonian Persona. This is time to reflect on all that has transformed. How has your life evolved over the past three years? Your senses will be extremely sharp under this sky, so make sure to give yourself plenty of space to decompress. Carving out some solo time will be especially important beginning on July 7 when Mercury—the planet of expression—goes backward in your own sign.

    I know you want to hear from your crush, but sending five dozen text messages may not be the best approach. Keep your cool, lion darling. Eclipses always travel in pairs. On July 16, a lunar eclipse in Capricorn will electrify the night sky. This lunation will create a dynamic tension between your spirituality and functionality, encouraging you to reconsider how you spend your days.

    If the rat race has started taking a toll on your energy, this is an excellent time to renegotiate your realities. Before you make any radical changes especially during Mercury Retrograde , start small.