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Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Libra Horoscope - Libra Astrology 1. It is the most accurateOm Astrology and efficient than any other astrological systems in the world. Under this system we need, date, time and place of birth to get your horoscope generated for astrological reading, report, predictions, forecasts, advice and consultations.

All the reports are prepared under the guidance of expert astrologers in India. They have beautiful face, curly hair. They love natural things like sun set, snowy mountains Ask a Question which enthrall them. They are natural lover of nature. They want to have cordial relations with all.

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They like to help others. They are kind, Leo Virgo Compatibility affectionate. They love decorating their houses. They like passion, and are full of pomp and splendor. They take adverse situation with ease. Librans are good in creativity and they are good in making Libra Scorpio Love Transits Astrology sketches or drawings. They also like Virgo judge each pros and cons before taking any decisions. Venus as a spiritual teacher left the luxury untouched and let them realize that after all the earthly desires, there is still something missing, and that is spiritual fulfillment.

Spiritual fulfillment is also represented by the 12th sign Pisces in Astrology where Venus is exalted.

So the only way for Venus dominant people to become detached from material world is to experience all the fulfillment of material desires after which they will only realize that something important is missing — inner peace. They truly wish for spiritual fulfillment which an exalted Venus in the natural 12th house perfectly symbolizes. Beauty, charm and physical attractiveness is a blessing form a strong and well-placed Venus. People who are naturally attractive have an influence of a strong Venus in their birth charts.

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  5. Venus also signifies products that are related to beauty, such as cosmetics and fashion clothing, which helps to emphasize the beauty of Venus. People with positive Venus in their chart always like to keep themselves and their possessions clean. Strong Venus also gives deep interest in poetry and art.

    People with strong Venus are very artistic and poetic and love to apply it in form of their creations. A well-placed Venus also blesses us with all kinds of conveyances and luxury. Venus also signifies our dreams related to wealth. When you always possess the best vehicles, then it indicates that you definitely have a strong and well-placed Venus in your chart.

    Venus in a birth chart with the 7th house signifies marriage — it indicates the nature of spouse and marital harmony. If a birth chart possesses a well placed Venus and 7th house lord, then it ensures a happy marriage to the native. Happy marriage also includes feelings of love and passion in a relationship which a good Venus can provide. Venus in 12th house, Jupiter or Ketu indicates a spiritual partner.

    Additionally, it can indicate that the partner will be a foreigner. When Venus receives aspect from Jupiter in a birth chart, it indicates a devoted life partner. Signifies — Sexual pleasures, romance, potency, art, poetry, cinema, dancing, paintings, jewelry, elegance, and devotion. Profession — Jobs related to beauty and fashion. In addition to that, acting, dancing, painting, and interior designer.

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    Signifies luxury. Aries : Hot headed and their memories are like blocks of ice. Depending on the intensity, the ice melts to water and evaporates or it will stay frozen in time.

    Teacher of lost souls

    Their memories melt away because the Aries normally never takes things to heart unless they have felt wronged. They react to extremely negative and positive things, never an in between. The Aries can become frigid and cold when they have been hurt; she can transform into the ice queen. Their memories will remain in a cold stasis until someone warms their heart up.

    They will recall a first kiss but will get lost with mundane memories. Sagittarius : Represented by freedom and being carefree, Sagittarius folks are always in motion. They can recall memories through their current experience. Traveling and hiking down a path from years before can trigger events. They will remember conflicts, but will easily move on from them if they were able to work things through. Not ones to hold grudges, they will easily float about and build on new meaningful memories with the people they love.

    As long as they are at peace with themselves, they can always go back and indulge in the past. Leo : The mighty King of the jungle does not have time to focus on minor events in the past. Eternally consumed more with their own well being, it often becomes hard to become interested in things that do not involve them. A clash with a powerful adversary or a victory will remain in their thoughts.

    They will gladly tell you their hardships and how they have managed to thrive and survive. Much like Aries, the dramatic Leo will need a grandiose event for it to remain imprinted in their mind. Libra: Life is a party and Libras are prepared.

    Leu (zodie)

    They will generally manipulate memories to favor theirs. Their memories can be considered shallow, lacking any depth. They will not delve deep into what has transpired into the past, just keep hold of the vague idea of an incident. Libras prefer to be stuck in their own lavish fantasy where they are the stars of the show. Injecting dramatic tidbits to make things more exciting. Pisces : Dreaming is a full time job for Pisces. These people will give you the artistic visions of the Scorpio but with embellished areas. The memory will transform into a tale where the Pisces reigned victorious in a battle even if the memory was a pleasant one without any hardships.

    Trust them to be animated in their storytelling because they truly believe what they are sharing. Gemini : Highly intelligent but their mind runs a marathon.

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    It is hard for Gemini to recall events but they can tell you historical facts since they are masters of knowing a little bit of everything. There is an ongoing parade of powerful thoughts their mind on a daily basis. They will however, remember powerful moments in their lives and they will keep them close to their hearts, but ask them about the day to day and those thoughts are burned away. The Gemini is like the roadrunner, off to create and experience life with great speed. Keep reading. Aries: Contemplate the maze.

    Contemplate all that is beyond.